Welcome to Ebambu.ca

In this is era of abundant choices, multiple companies and multiple products, it’s so hard to make the right choice when you don’t have the knowledge, experience or the TIME to do so. Here is where Ebambu comes in, we want to provide you with exactly that: our experience, our knowledge and ….. Save you the time!

We are a Canadian owned online store specializing in natural health products from nutraceuticals, cosmetics, baby products, foods, sports nutrition and home essentials with affordable prices and free shipping for orders over $59 to Canada and over $100 to continental United States.

The companies and products featured on our website are Ebambu approved. What does that mean? It means we find the brands and products consistent with Ebambu.ca’s core values: safety, purity and quality. It basically consists of two simple steps: first we dig deep and then why try it out. To choose a product we first go through the company’s background: quality assurance standards, manufacturing processes and formulation. The second step is to test efficacy. OUR. SELVES. So when you shop on ebambu, you are guaranteed to find THE best formulated, organic and eco-friendly products available on the market. Because, yes, on top of it all, we strive to support companies that follow a sustainable business model for a greener and healthier planet.  

Here at Ebambu.ca we take good care of our customers! Our team is built of trusted health professionals with 25 years of experience that are here to advice about health issues and prepare custom product bundles based on specific health issues. Our pledge to you is to help improve your well-being, support your healthy lifestyle, and enhance your quality of life....NATURALLY!

Over the years we have seen our shares of companies come and go and we have tried products from competitors and allies alike. Now everyone’s different, like different things and look for different things. So we provide you with a variety within our standards of quality and efficacy. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to send us product you are interested in: our collection will never stop molding itself to what’s best out there for you.

Bottom line, our goal is to provide an easier path to a healthier life because EVERYBODY deserves at least that.