Naturally relieving menopausal symptoms

Naturally relieving menopausal symptoms

Alexandra Leon

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Are you battling with menopausal symptoms? We’ve laid out the most common menopausal symptoms and found the most natural way to diminish their intensity. Now you’ll be able to fine the calm within yourself and enjoy a little serenity.

Hot flashes / Night sweats

Black cohosh produces the most recognized estrogen-like effect. As a consequence, it has been shown to significantly reduce hot flashes and night sweats.
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Red Clover are filled with isoflavones which also have an estrogen-like effect and help reduce hot flashes and night sweats. 
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Omegas: EPA + DHA found in different concentrations in omega formulas, enhance the release of estrogen thus decreasing hot flashes, vaginal dryness, dry skin, irritability and migraine headaches in menopausal women. 
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Decreased sex drive

Ashawagandha, known as Indian ginseng, has been shown to improve libido levels, vitality and energy.

Mood swings / Depression

Ashawagandha, known as Indian ginseng, has regenerative properties for the nervous system therefore reducing anxiety, stress and promoting calmness and serenity. It is also known to improve mental activity and memory. 
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Omegas: EPA & DHA are essential nutrients for the brain and have been recognized to promote mood. 
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Memory loss / Cognitive abilities

Vitamin B complex is essential in supporting the nervous system and the glandular system (glands secreting hormones such as the thyroid and the adrenal). Perimenopause has been shown to be correlated with a deficiency in vitamin B. Replenishing vitamin B stores, reduces the cognitive sluggishness felt with menopause. 
Omegas 3 is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) , an essential fatty acid,which is a precursor to EPA and DHA . A combination of EPA and DHA has shown to supports learning and memory. So much that a deficiency has been corolated with bipolar disorders, aggression, dementia, Alzheimer's. 

Vaginal dryness

Omegas is a source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid, which enhances the release of sex hormones, including estrogen and so helps to keep the mucous membrane of the vagina moist. 

Weight gain

Bladderwrack or kelp: Are primary tonics for the thyroid gland. They also improve the function of other glands involved with menopause. It is especially useful for countering dry skin, excessive weight gain and fatigue associated with menopause. 
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