KC Kinetic - Gel pack with adjustable compression wrap

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Multipurpose hot and cold reusable ice packs suitable for any injury. Relieves pain associated with musculoskeletal injuries, chronic or acute, as well as eliminates muscle spams. The compression wrap also adds pressure, permitting better elimination of accumulated inflammation. Since the gel pack remains flexible at low temperatures, it blends better with the natural contour of the body, permitting a more adequate distribution of its benefits. Not to mention that the gel pack keeps it's heat up to 30min!

Box contains a 9" x 5 " gel pack and an adjustable compression wrap that fits any body part.

Care instruction

Never place directly on skin, always use in protective sleeve to prevent burns. If gel comes into contact with skin or eyes, flush immediately with water for 5 min. As for any temperature related modalities, seek medical advice before use if you are affected by circulatory problems. Keep out of reach of children.

Brand Information


Canadian company