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Four O´Clock - Throat Soother herbal tea - 20 bags by Four O´Clock - natural health product store - free shipping <59$

Four O'Clock - Throat Soother herbal tea - 20 bags

Four O´Clock

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The Throat Soother herbal tea is a powerful ally for people giving a lot of oral presentations or making a lot of phone calls. This herbal tea has three key elements that gives it its relieving properties. Licorice has a disinfecting effect a bit like honey to treat irritations in the throat. The pulmonaria( lungwort leaves) is used to cure cough, bronchitis and many throat ailments. Finally, thyme also acts as a powerful natural antiseptic to accelerate healing. It is advisable to drink it when a cough won’t go away, before going to bed or in the morning. It also helps with voice loss. 


MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra ), bitter fennel seeds(Foeniculum vulgare subsp. vulgare var. vulgare), lungwort leaves (Pulmonaria officinalis), linden flowers (Tilia cordata), thyme leaves (Thymus vulgaris), ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale).

NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS: Lemongrass herb, natural orange flavour.

Brand Information

Four O’Clock will accompany you from morning to night by creating happiness in your daily life. Live an unprecedented tasting experience while feeling the benefits of our teas.


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