Anita´s - Buckwheat Flour Light 1 kg - free delivery >59$
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Anita´s - Buckwheat Flour Light 1 kg - free delivery >59$

Anita´s - Buckwheat Flour Light 1 kg


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Not actually wheat, buckwheat’s genetic makeup is closer to quinoa, pulses, and beans. Anita’s organic buckwheat flour is milled from hulled buckwheat groats creating flour that is light in colour, finely textured, with a clean, nutty flavour. Suitable for wheat-free baking, buckwheat flour works well in cookie, pancake, quick bread and biscuit recipes.


Organic buckwheat

Brand Information

For a good part of the year, our farmers are busy doing what farmers have always done, planting, nourishing, tending and growing the organic grains that go into the flours, cereals, and mixes we create here at Anita’s Organic Mill. This is farming at pretty much its most honest and true; simple and traditional methods, sustainably practiced without chemicals, in order to produce grains that are wholesome, nutritious and safe. We partner with these farmers because they understand what we’re all about, what we’re striving for, what we’re committed to. We’re in this together.

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