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Ebambu's Affiliate Program

We invite you to join the EBAMBU Affiliate Program. We are a Canadian online store specialized in offering a wide array of natural health products such as nutraceuticals, cosmetics, baby products, sports nutrition, food products, home essentials and more. Our current inventory contains over 3,000 products and growing on a weekly basis. We only promote brands that strive to minimize environmental damage and commit to a greener and healthier planet. We are a one-stop shopping site for the best organic, Eco-friendly and non GMO products available on the market.

We offer our customers affordable prices, various discounts and free shipping worldwide for orders over $59 CAD if you are located in Canada. Our Customer Service is staffed with health professionals with over 25 years of experience and are available to respond inquiries from our customers, by phone, via Facebook messenger chat or by email.

Earn between 8% commission per purchase made by your referred readers and followers on our online store www.ebambu.ca

How to sign up? 

To sign up for the EBAMBU Affiliate Program, simply click in the button below to complete the online registration form and we will contact you once approved.