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The consequence of time: aging

Maggie ReyesMay 7, '19

Aging is part of every living organism; it is a consequence of time. Despite messages in mainstream media, aging is not a disease but a life process that starts at birth. Everyone ages differently and how you age depends on genetics and lifestyle.   Human aging As we grow older, our body...

The different types of wrinkles

Maggie ReyesApr 23, '19

Wrinkles appear as the collagen production in our body diminishes, leaving the skin less elastic and firm. Everyone’s skin wrinkles differently and for a variety of reasons. Treatment and prevention are possible but for a good diagnosis and treatment plan, it’s important to know what type of wrinkle you are dealing with. There are two basic approaches to dealing with wrinkles: clinical and specialist

Help with wrinkled skin - Part II

Maggie ReyesNov 14, '17

Wrinkles happen when there is a decrease in collagen that leads to a loss of elasticity and suppleness. While wrinkles can’t be avoided, they can be delayed or softened.   One of the most important factors for slowing ageing and maintaining healthy skin is a balanced diet. Eliminating junk foods...

What causes wrinkles - Part I

Maggie ReyesNov 14, '17

Wrinkles are unavoidable, especially as we age and begin to lose collagen. This important protein keeps the skin firm and supple. It’s not just lack of collagen that causes wrinkles. There are other contributing factors, some that can be easily avoided.   Smoking: To maintain healthy skin, the blood needs...