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Childhood coughs

Maggie ReyesMar 13, '19

..Also known as irritative cough, a strong dry cough doesn’t produce any phlegm or mucus. It’s very common at the beginning of a cold when there is a feeling of itchiness in the throat. Dry coughs can also be caused by dust particles irritating the pharynx or larynx.  It can also indicate the presence of stress factors...

Boosting your child’s immune system

Alexandra LeonFeb 5, '19

For mothers who are nursing, it is important to eat foods and take natural supplements that increase milk production. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, try to breastfeed for at least six months.  When your child is six months and older, introduce multivitamins. The more natural these supplements are the better. Include superfoods in the child's diet as well. A strong immune system means a healthy and happy child.