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Optimizing your workout nutrition with genuine health proteins

Shelagh McNallyDec 22, '20

Protein is a key nutrient for a healthy diet but also an necessary part of any successful exercise routine. Learn how to find the safest and most effective protein supplement.

What to expect during your menopausal stage

Alexandra LeonAug 13, '19

The perimenopause stage can begin an earlier at the mid to late 40s. During this period, the ovaries start to gradually produce less estrogen. During this transition, women can still be on a regular menstrual cycle and can become pregnant but they may start experiencing menopausal symptoms. Perimenopause stage will stop when the ovaries completely cease to release eggs and the menopause begins. There are symptoms associated with menopause that can be experienced during perimenopause. Although women may experience different symptoms, the common cause is usually decreasing estrogen levels. Since estrogen is used by most body parts for various functions, as the levels fluctuate, different systems will be affected. 

The consequence of time: aging

Maggie ReyesMay 7, '19

Aging is part of every living organism; it is a consequence of time. Despite messages in mainstream media, aging is not a disease but a life process that starts at birth. Everyone ages differently and how you age depends on genetics and lifestyle.   Human aging As we grow older, our body...

The different types of wrinkles

Maggie ReyesApr 23, '19

Wrinkles appear as the collagen production in our body diminishes, leaving the skin less elastic and firm. Everyone’s skin wrinkles differently and for a variety of reasons. Treatment and prevention are possible but for a good diagnosis and treatment plan, it’s important to know what type of wrinkle you are dealing with. There are two basic approaches to dealing with wrinkles: clinical and specialist